January – June 2022 – Online & On-Site Training

Create your own unique Medicine in order to facilitate your own Circles and Workshops! Bring your Soul back home! The Mystery School of the Soul consists of three pillars in order to inspire, empower, strengthen and initiate women, connect with their Soul, and create their unique medicine. The Mystery School combines creativity and spirituality. The Teaching is the essence of many different indigenous and ancient teachings from different traditions and modern Artistic Forms of Expression. Our goal is to bridge the universal message into the modern world for all kinds of women worldwide.

This training can open up your inner wisdom and recover the scattered soul pieces to become whole and aware of who you are. This Training re-connects you with your inner Goddess, Seer, and Priestess Powers. It activates your inner magical child, who is the Source of all Healing. Embark on a Journey to become a Priestess of the Soul!

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Annette Assmy,